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Stornoway Wind Farm

Stornoway Wind Farm

The Stornoway Wind Farm would be located to the west of the town of Stornoway in an area close to the three existing wind farm sites.

The Stornoway Wind Farm project was originally granted planning permission in 2012 and in January 2022 a revised consent from the Scottish Government was granted.

The revised project seeks to increase the tip height of the turbines across the site to make the scheme more competitive and to accommodate more modern and efficient wind turbines. This new consented design features up to 24 turbines with a tip height of up to 180m and 9 turbines with a tip height of up to 156m - a total of up to 33 wind turbines.

This compares to a maximum of 36 turbines at up to 145m in the project’s earlier consent (from 2012, which was then amended in 2015). The latest consent also increases the separation distance between a number of turbines in the eastern part of the site.

The project is sited on land owned by the Stornoway Trust, a publicly elected body which manages the Stornoway Trust Estate on behalf of the local community.

The local community stands to benefit as follows:

  • Stornoway wind farm is the largest of the three consented wind farm projects with a grid connection in place, and is therefore key to the needs case for a new grid interconnector with the mainland.
  • Community Ownership: up to 20% of the Stornoway Wind Farm to be community owned.
  • Community Benefit: annual payment of £5,000 (index linked) per MW over the life time of the project; up to £1million per annum
  • Local Suppliers: Lewis Wind Power has committed to using a contracting strategy for building the wind farm that will maximise the potential for the use of local suppliers and facilities during the construction phase of the wind farm. To find out more information about working with us on this project visit Working with suppliers - EDF Renewables (edf-re.uk) to contact our team.
  • Rental Payments: The Stornoway wind farm would be sited on the Stornoway Trust Estate and pay an annual commercial rent to the Trust for the land required by the project.

Stornoway Wind Farm - Layout