Lewis Wind Power celebrates Contract for Difference success

The developer behind the Stornoway Wind Farm (SWF) on the Isle of Lewis has been
awarded a Contract for Difference (CfD) by the UK Government, in what is being described
as a ‘landmark moment’ for the project.

Lewis Wind Power – a 50:50 joint venture between EDF Renewables UK and Wood –
welcomes the outcome of the CfD auction round, in which the project has won a CfD for 200
MW capacity which brings the windfarm a step closer to construction.

The CfD scheme is a mechanism set up by the UK Government to support low-carbon
electricity generation. It does this by protecting developers from fluctuating wholesale
prices which incentivises investment, and also shields consumers from paying support costs
when electricity prices are high.

The CfD award means the only major outstanding hurdle for the project’s development is
the delivery of a 600MW interconnector to connect the Isle of Lewis to the national grid by

The interconnector has been described as an ‘essential’ next step if the project is to be
brought to fruition, and will enable low-carbon electricity from Lewis to be exported to the

Commenting on the CfD award, Logan Black, project manager at Lewis Wind Power, said:

“Our success in the CfD auction round is a landmark moment for the Stornoway Wind Farm,
and everyone at Lewis Wind Power is absolutely delighted with this outcome.

“Thanks to the CfD award, we are significantly closer to making this project a reality and
delivering the multitude of socio-economic and environmental benefits we know the wind
farm will provide to the local community and beyond.

“The last remaining major hurdle is the establishment of the 600MW interconnector, and
we hope that our success in the CfD auction round will ensure that Lewis gets its grid
connection by 2027.

“The future of the Stornoway Wind Farm development is exciting, and I’d like to take this
opportunity to thank all those involved in securing this CfD award.”