Laxdale Primary 4 & 5 pupils visit Lewis Wind Power

Laxdale School Primary 4 & 5 came to visit David and Kerry at the Lewis Wind Power office in Stornoway on Wednesday 2nd Oct. The pupils wanted to learn more about Renewable Energy, how turbines work and what type of jobs people did when it came to putting up a wind farm. They learnt that there was a great deal of planning and preparation required before the diggers and cranes made an appearance and that there were all kinds of jobs that people could work in from bird watching to engineers. The pupils asked lots of interesting questions and next week will visit the turbines on Pentland Road to learn a little more. Between now and then, they will count all the turbines they see on the way home from school and also try and work out which direction the wind is blowing.


Thank you to Mrs Morrison and her pupils for a lovely afternoon.