LWP Response to Ofgem Consultation on Final Needs Case for Western Isles transmission link

Ofgem has today published its consultation on the final needs case for the proposed new transmission link to the Western Isles, setting out its ‘minded to’ position to reject SSEN’s proposal for a 600MW cable and instead to approve a resubmitted proposal for a 450MW transmission link to the Western Isles based on the two Lewis Wind Power projects being successfully awarded a CfD in the 2019 allocation round.

In response to the announcement a spokesperson for Lewis Wind Power said:

We are aware of Ofgem’s announcement today and we now need to consider the detail of their proposals carefully before providing our response.

The full consultation is available at https://www.ofgem.gov.uk/system/files/docs/2019/03/consultation_on_the_western_isles_transmission_project.pdf